Legion of the Thousand Suns

Deep in a Swamp
A small nature walk

“How about ‘Heroes of the Arena’, since we met in an arena?”
“No, I prefer ‘Heroes of Absalom’, it has a better ring.”
“Every other adventurer calls themselves Hero of Absalom. Genden Frostmantle keeps a ‘Top Ten Heroes of Absalom’.”
“Well then how about ’Champions of Absalom?”
“Just as bad, it’s not the hero or champion bit, it’s the Absalom bit. We’re not all from around here.”
“Legion of Absalom?”
“Legion of the Sun would do better”
“I’ve got it! “Legion of Sunny Absalom”
“We are not anything of Absalom”
“Legion of a Thousand Suns would make more sense than Legion of Sunny Absalom”
“Hey, Legion of a Thousand Suns!”
“It…might do.”
“I like it.”
“…..I still like Legion of Sunny Absalom”

The discussion was interrupted when Kasadei Goldlight called out to them, and introduced them to her friend Alshar Summerbrooke. Between questions from the red-headed paladin, Alshar informed them that there was a young dragon in the nearby swamp. He hardly had a chance to mention it might have treasure, before Rand was out the door. After shoving Aira onto the floor, the cleric soon followed. Rand had just got a magic bow, and he was eager to test it against the hated creature.

After a run in with a frog-like creature, and a short mud fight (mostly between the Paladin and the Cleric), Rand finally found a trace of the dragon. Claw marks in trees, and black scales lead him a little ways, till anyone could have their way from the stench. Animals decomposing in a pool marked the beasts eating placing, and a quick look around brought the cave by the pond to light. The stronger characters trudged forward through the water, carrying their shorter companion, and dragging the other, sickened from the stench.

Inside the cave, resting, was the tiny creature, unaware of his fate. A powerful dragon he may have once become if not for this party, but four people had the advantage, and the acid dripping from his chin was blocked by a giant shield. A magic arrow struck true, and he knew his doom had come. The unnatural white beast snapped at him, a small man, only a little bigger than him, attacked every opening the beast left, and the paladin struck true with her weapon. He never had a chance, and, while trying to run, they finished him off. Never a great beast would he be, no towns would be terrorized by his growl, no great destiny would he ever meet. He’s horns taken as a trophy, and the prized gems hauled away, the tiny terror of the swamp was no more.

The Sun Came Up
and It All Began

The sun came up. Yet another day had gone by without Balenar contacting him. Aldron growled low. The fool was, no doubt, in trouble, in need of help. Aldron was getting old, though, and had a business to run. Balenar and Aldron didn’t have many friends round here, so he would need to hire adventurers to go find him. Where he’d find any was beyond him, he grumbled as he stomped to the arena. This quiet town just didn’t have many adventurers.

At the same time a red-headed paladin was stuffing her face with cheese. "What was in that potion? she said looking at her friend. “It tasted awful.” “Oh nothing much.” replied her friend Migel. “Just a going away present before I head home. I don’t know why you think it was awful, the gnomes drink it all the time.” “Well I didn’t like it much.” and with a big gulp Aira finished off her jug of milk and called for more.

At the same time a short rogue was:

At the same time a dragon-hunting ranger was:

At the same time a warrior-like cleric was:

At the same time an evil spirit named Marius was possessing Balenar. While a human body was better than a rock ball, the chains, locked door, troglodytes tromping all over his siege tower and lack of weapons or his magic amulet made him wish this human was a little stronger.

Welcome Adventurers!!!

Since I can’t set up the forum, ask questions here, we’ll use this as a sort of forum. So questions about game rules, suggestions about how to improve game play and make it more fun, ideas for quests, and things you want to do all go here. I’ll also put some links to resources here for you all to see.

Map of Golarion

Game Rules & Resources

Last Name Generator

A quick mention, other people can look at this, I don’t know why they would, but they can, I think, so if your worried about using your real name, mention it below, and we’ll address you by character name.

My question, as always, is: What did you think of our last session? Was there enough combat, was it fun, was it confusing, did I railroad too much, and what can I do better?



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