Alshar Summerbrooke

Influencial Aristocrat



Summerbrooke Coat of Arms


Alshar is a good friend of the Governor of Zimar, and is rumored to be the real power house and keeper of Zimar. Such rumors have been efficiently stomped out. There are rumors he’s not really Alshar Summerbrooke. Alshar has laughed and, at times, seemed to encourage the amusing gossips. There are rumors the Summerbrookes are hiding a monster in their basement. Alshar looks affronted at such suggestions, and remarks that as a sailor, he has heard better tall tales. Add in stories of a secret lover, a ghost in the second parlor, and a drow in the attic, and you have a very curious character. If he is in control at Zimar, then he does a good job, Zimar has prospered and grown since he settled down from sailing the Inner Sea. Alshar is a calculating and strong opponent, befitting the house of Summerbrooke, and has the respect of Taldorian military leaders.

Alshar Summerbrooke

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