Your Characters are 3D

Here is my suggestion for making your characters 3D.

Name: Your character’s name (i.e. Ben Blazemore, Yves Sunwatcher, ect)

Role: Your character in 1-5 words (i.e. the bookworm, the kick down doors guy, the attack first, ask later guy, the healer, the flirt, ect)

Goal: Or why you’ve taken to adventuring (make enough money to build a store, get revenge, find a missing friend, my people kicked me out and now I’m on my own, ect.)

Ambition: Well I’d really like to (see world peace, create a legacy, make lots of money, become famous, ect) An ambition is usually a bigger and more ambiguous goal, while a goal is something like your personal quest.

Values: 1-3 beliefs, nothing is more important than (justice, law, good, freedom, equality, me, nature, money, revenge, power, ect, ect.) Your values can lead you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do (my goal is to steal that diamond, but my value that nothing is more important than my life makes me abandon the diamond to escape)

Fears: “Make a will save.” I have nightmares about (giant vampire puppies, headless horsemen, shadows, ect.)

One Sentence Summary: (Opt) Me in one sentence. Hi I’m (name) and I (will prove to the world that unicorns exist, am the best swordsman in the world, can make you laugh, am the greatest historical scholar to walk the earth (that will be my character’s once her knowledge history is up higher), ect)

Memories: 1-2 short memories that made you who you are (I was bitten by a spider and nearly died and so that’s why I’m afraid of spiders)

Just take a few minuets, nothing is set in stone, and nothing has to be finished all at once. It would help me, as the DM, to know what your goals are so I can give your characters opportunities to fulfill those goals. So let me know what you think, and if you fill out any of the fields, please include them in your character profile here on obsidian.

Your Characters are 3D

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